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  1. Yes, this latest version does fix the issue with Check for Updates. Greg
  2. Hi Jim, Trying Help >> Check for VIPM Updates didn't work but I was able to get the new build from the link you provided. Thanks again for helping me out, Greg
  3. Hi Jim, IT WORKED! I can now use the current value table VIs. Thanks so much, Greg
  4. I ran your Read License Agreement Text.vi as you instructed. It displayed the License Agreement Text for 'jki_lib_rest_client-' and it ran without error. Also, the command-line zip/unzip tools (Test Zip and Unzip.vi) ran without error on my Mac (Catalina 10.15.7 (19H15)) and LabVIEW 2019 SP1. Now if I can only install the Current Value Table package... Greg
  5. I was able to download the OpenG File library from within VIPM (instead of through a web browser) and interestingly it installed beautifully. The package that I am having problems installing is "NI Current Value Table". I deleted the local copy of that package and then downloaded it again from within VIPM and tried to install it. Same problem - I can't get past accepting the license. It seems they may be something wonky with the"NI Current Value Table" package, VIPM 2020.3 and LabVIEW 2019 SP1 on a Mac.
  6. I need to be able to download the OpenG File library to test anything you've requested of me, but the download requires my email address & password. I just created an account yesterday, but the site is not taking my password. I've tried repeatedly to reset my password but I never receive an email for the verification link. Help!
  7. I wasn't able to run "Read License Agreement Text.vi" as it needed several OpenG libraries: I can try the LabVIEW command line zip tools.
  8. I installed the runtime engine for 2019 SP1 then ran VIPM 2020.3 again and tried to install a package, but the program is still hanging after I click on the Yes I accept… button for the license. Attached is the error file from today. Greg December-09-2020.txt
  9. I know I installed LabVIEW 2019 (Non-SP1) and its runtime engine before installing 2019 SP1, but I don't see the SP1 RTE installer so I'm downloading that now and will then install it.
  10. No upgrade. This was a fresh install of LabVIEW 2017 (17.0.1f11) and LabVIEW 2019 (19.0.1f0) Professional Dev. System followed by VIPM 2020.3.
  11. Hi Jim, Yes there is an error file. Thanks, Greg December-08-2020.txt
  12. Within VIPM I click on a package, then Install. A VIPM - VI Package Manager Window pops up with License agreement. I click on the Yes I accept… button, then nothing happens and I eventually have to force quit VIPM. I've tried this several times with the same result.
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