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    Development of instrumentation and measurement techniques.<br /><br />From an LGP-30 (that didn't even have an assembler), through a LINC-8 (Laboratory INstrument Computer), to LabVIEW, computers have always been very intelligent instruments to me.
  1. When I first tried to use VIPM 1.0 (quite a while ago), I got the message about having multiple versions of LabVIEW on the same port. I tried lots of things before the FAQ led me to the hint Errror Code 1032 and NOT A BUG. In my case, my router had failed earlier and the replacement required a different assignment of static IP addressses to my local computers. These addresses had not been updated in VIPM, causing the error. Any possibility of detecting this apparently somewhat common situation of an improper IP address assignment and changing the error message to reflect it? Or at least adding this possibility to the current error message? Sorry to be so late reporting this, but I got distracted and forgot about it. The 1.1 beta notice jogged my memory.
  2. Philippe, Thanks, I don't know how I could have missed that note about reordering links. I did search the NI site earlier today but couldn't find the runtime engines. That certainly fixes the problem on the Mac. I'm waiting for the PC to reboot, but I'm sure it will work there too.
  3. At NI Week you guys suggested that my problems with Package Manager hanging might be a function of the mirror being used. I tried to drag superb-east and internap higher in the order, but I get a slashed circle (not permitted) cursor and nothing reorders. I don't have LV8 on my PC, so I can't check if reordering mirrors works there.
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