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  1. Yes, see in attachments "Failue_VI_Tester_Project.zip". My fault: I don't save project after do "testExample.vit>>context menu>>new from template". If save project, VI Tester finds test case "test Example 2.vi". This is "Success_VI_Tester_Project.zip". Best Regards! Failue_VI_Tester_Project.zip Success__VI_Tester_Project.zip
  2. Yes, I install VI Tester previous version, and trouble is absent. I have all hosts with default Russian locale (1251). At Last version, if I do "testExample.vit>>context menu>>new form template" testExample.vi appear in project. But I still having a trouble. Last version VI Tester (after update) work correctly with my project, created by previous version VI Tester. Thank You for Help!
  3. I try it. It does not work. And I try save project, and open again, run Tools>>VI Tester>>Test VIs... It does not work. I try on 3 configurations: 1) Win 7 64 bit + LabVIEW 10.0f1 32-bit + VI Tester (jki_labs_tool_vi_tester -, jki_rsc_toolkits_pallette - 1.1-1); 2) Win XP 32 bit (On VMware) + LabVIEW 10.0 32-bit + VI Tester (jki_labs_tool_vi_tester -, jki_rsc_toolkits_pallette - 1.1-1); 3) Win XP 32 bit + LabVIEW 10.0 32-bit + VI Tester (jki_labs_tool_vi_tester -, jki_rsc_toolkits_pallette - 1.1-1). May be something wrong with my
  4. Hi all! I learn VI Tester. I have a problem with run Tast Case. I add MyTestCase.lvclass to project by manual: http://forums.jki.net/topic/979-creating-new-tests/ I run Menu>>Tools>>VI Tester>>Test VIs... and in Test Hierarchy are not test cases. What do I wrong? Thank you!
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