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  1. currently private vi's are added to the palette. wouldn't it be more logical if they were not included? a palette represents an API, private methods are no part of that.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! :-) It's not yet a hard use case but I'll try to formulate it anyway :-) While I was experimenting with making an installer for a stripped version of our library, VIPM stopped with some (for me) obscure errors (if I can reproduce it, I'll post the error numbers). making an installer for the whole project works fine. So my fear is I'd get stuck in the stripping process (and of course there's some time pressure as always :-)
  3. Hi, We are evaluating the use of VIPM for the installation of a sizable library of Labview code. This should make it easier for developers to start projects that make use of this library (framework). The first impression is very positive, the tool really does a lot for you. But that (big black box :-) brings up some questions... - What is it doing precisely? - Why does it do it? (e.g. guaranteeing integrity?) - Does it really need to? (we have some degree of control over the developers environment ourselves...) - Can you switch of some of this functionality? (to save time, to bypass build errors that would appear late in the project, ...) Specifically the (mass) compiling of code: Both during the building of the package and during installation, the sources are compiled (which takes some time) To clarify: our first approach to this library installation was rather a copy/paste operation, like a generic installer... Can this building be disabled or are there compelling reasons why this should always be in place? A related question: are project .lvproj files inside the source directory being analysed by VIPM? Does it make a difference to include/exclude/alter these files from the source directory? Is there a difference between removing them physically versus excluding them from the build in the VIPM tool itself? Frank
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