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  1. can anyone help with the commands for this please?
  2. hey pablo thanks alot for your help! Im hoping you could help me even further as I am fairly incompetent in the osx file system haha. How would I go creating the permission using sudo? Thanks!
  3. There was no jki.conf file and upon re trying the installer I receive the same errors as before
  4. Thanks for the quick replies I have never installed VIPM before so this will be a clean install and i attached the error file that you requested. July-26-2011.txt
  5. Note: There is an article on how to resolve this issue located here: http://support.jki.n...ror-on-osx-10-7 === hello all, I am trying to install the VIPM for Mac and I seem to be gathering an error about not having permission to write to certain areas. My question is how can I go about fixing these permissions? I am the only user and administrator for my mac and running OSX 10.7. I have a feeling it is something to do with Lion changing permissions folders and such but hopefully there is a workaround. Also I have no anti virus installed so I don't think that is the issue either. Thanks in advanced for the help PS... I attached a screenshot of the error screen
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