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  1. Yup I kept the old version. This was copied from my LV2010 installation into the 2011 directory yesterday (and I think this was before installing the new packages uisng VIPM2010 which worked ok). The forum will not let me attach an ini file though :-(
  2. Hi, I suspect you are all at NI Week, so not sure if anyone is watching the forums. This morning I did some package installations with VIPM2010 (.2 I think), into LV2011. They worked fine with no problems. Then I upgraded to VIPM2011 and could no longer connect when installing packages. The connection works fine from the Test panel, and if I delete my LabVIEW.ini file it all seems to start working again. This is weird though, VIPM was working this morning, so am not sure why deleting the .ini should get it to work? All my VI Server settings in LabVIEW seem sensible and firewalls exceptions are in place etc. Am I doing something stupid here? thanks Neil
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