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  1. Hi Thanks a million for the help. i dont know how but it started working after i just reinstalled the run time engine again thanks. Regards Fran
  2. Hi, thanks for getting back to me and sorry about my delayed response. im located in Ireland. i actually forgot to say that i tried running as an admin also but still didnt work. as for the logs i dont know where i can find these?
  3. Hi, Hi im new to this forum and using VIPM. I’m trying to download the labview Arduino interface toolkit. I went to the NI download page and followed the steps. • I downloaded the labview 2009 run time engine and it said i had a more up to date version already. I have labview 8.5. • so i downloaded and successfully installed the VIPM using the link provided for windows OS. im using windows 7 btw. • The problem is then when i tried to go to download the toolkit using the link a new internet tab(blank) opens and i get a msg saying “ this application needs to be opened with an application “ send to: and gives me the choice for the VI package manager located at “C:\ Program Files(x86)\JKI\VI Package Manager\support\VIPM File Handler.exe”—“/command:url:%1” • So i choose this and the VIPM program starts up for a second and then disappears from the screen and nothing else happens! the VIPM also does this when opened from desktop. I tried then to use a newer version of the run time envioroment and a newer version of the VIPM from JKI( which was recommended on their site if having connection issues ) so i tried this , However the same problem is occurring and i cannot download the toolkit. If you can give me any advice on how to resolve this would be great because im really interested in using the labview arduino interface toolkit. and i dont no how to solve this myself. all help is welcome and appreciated. Thanks very much Regards Fran
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