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  1. localhost did not work. When I manually put in the actual machine address it did. thanks harry
  2. Many thanks Attached is the error log The system would not let me attach the ini file Regards harry October-12-2011.txt
  3. Well , what is weird is that I kept trying, and eventually it worked. I am running XP. i have noticed that the install of packages via VIPM was seamless on LV2010 and lower, but 2011 has been balky. I have another computer that I installed VIPM on, and I had to only install the toolkits a few at a time for it to work correctly. Where would I find the error log ? Many thanks!
  4. Hello I am trying to install the openG and MGI packages into LV2011. I am using the latest community VIPM to do so. It does not connect via tcp. I have tried the manual set up under the options in LV , but still no luck. Thoughts?
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