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  1. I have this problem too, I tried to resolve it with your workaround but, How or Where can I download the "jki_labs_tool" package to open with a zip program? Thank you !!!
  2. Hi Philippe, no, any application is using these ports. Exist an alternative way to install the packages? Thanks
  3. No, It's imposible to connect, I attach the new error file and the screenshoot with the error. Thanks Michael. noviembre-14-2011.txt
  4. No, It doesn't work, , Can I install the packages without this connection? I downloaded this packages but How I install it? Thanks...
  5. Of course Michael, I attached the new error file too, because I made many changes but it didn't work. Thanks noviembre-10-2011.txt
  6. Hello, I have the same problem, I tried with all this stuff, firewall, ports, Labview.ini, localhost IP, timeoutetc, etc but VIPM doesn't connect to LabVIEW. VIPM say me that I need to "Verify VI Server: Exported VIs and Machine Access setting in LabVIEW 2011" How Can I fix it? I work with LV2011 and W7(64x). Thanks noviembre-07-2011.txt
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