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  1. It could be that another application is using port 3363 on your machine. Can you try a few different number (on both LabVIEW and VIPM) to see if this help? Note: you can find the list of all the listening ports by running (as an administrator) "netstat -a -b" in a command line prompt. Alternatively you can use Microsoft Sysinternals TCPView (which is graphical and update in real time). Thanks
  2. I am not sure what you mean by "it will empty the queue", but here is what you should do. Make sure that you have a timeout different from -1 for the event structure (ex: 100) Make sure that you append in the front of the queue Make sure that the remaining state is connect to the state in of the "add states to queue" vi in every frame (this could explain your empty queue). If you do all of the above, this should work fine. Below is a screenshot and an example written in LabVIEW 2010. Hope it helps. Philippe SM question.vi
  3. It look like you are correct. The undo transaction does not works on string constant that were modified via scripting (even in the case of the RCF plugin the string re sizes itself and it appears that the undo worked, but it actually did not). You might want to report this on the LabVIEW API group. Correction: I see that you already did it. PJM
  4. Eric, I found another bug. Here is the work flow to reproduce it: Edit a String (in the JKI state editor) Update the string on the BD Close the JKI state editor Undo the editing in the BD (CTRL+Z) Reopen the JKI State Editor --> You see the previous content (prior to undoing) Expected behavior: You should see the current content. Philippe
  5. I was about to tell you about that bug. Glad you found it. Here is another one for you. You should use the option that was read from the ini file and not the hard coded constant (in the menu activation frame). Philippe
  6. Whoa, I love it! One comment: Can you replace all control with system one and use the system color as a background color? Thanks Philippe
  7. Dan, What kind of window installation is that laptop running? Is there anything out of the ordinary? Thanks Philippe
  8. Did you try to uncheck the option "Check for new version of VIPM at startup"? Philippe
  9. No, but VIPM has its own "build hook" that you can use to manipulate the build output (such as adding your own documentation for instance). For more info about it, see the online help here. Philippe
  10. Ton, This is an interesting idea. This would allow the state machine to exit even when an error occurs. Philippe
  11. Here you go (7.0):_jki_lib_state_machine.zip Note: Copy this somewhere in your user.lib folder Philippe
  12. Dave, Have a look at this Blog article A Early Look at VIPM Enterprise Edition. Excerpt: "..That’s why the next release, which we’re calling “VIPM Enterprise Edition“, is going to focus on features that will enable a team of LabVIEW developers to share packages easily..." Philippe
  13. Yes, I believe that you have to start with a control from LV 7.1. (as it says in the video). Philippe
  14. Glen, The fact that you do no longer get a log file is information by itself. Thanks again for the info. Philippe
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