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  1. Yes, that was it! Our OfficeScan was blocking something, after stopping it, we could install VIPM 2010.0.2.
  2. I've just been told that our anti-virus software (OfficeScan) has been updated recently, and it seems that it could be the issue. Our IT manager will come back tomorrow -we need him to be able to disable the anti-virus- I'll post back after trying this.
  3. And I now have the same issue on a different computer. We just received it from HP, installed with Win 7 Ultimate. I've just installed LV 2010 + Vision Development Module, VBAI 2010 and LV 2009 RTE and here's what I get : Basically all our computer have the same configuration (they all come from HP) and can have Win XP Pro or Win 7 Ultimate. The difference I can think of between the computer on which I can install VIPM 2010.2 and those on which I can't is the number of LabVIEW versions installed. The developers' computers have at least LV 8.5, 8.6, 2009 SP1 and some also have LV 2010, and all could install VIPM 2010.2 ; only the computers with just LV 2010 and LV 2009 SP1 RTE won't let VIPM 2010.2 install properly. Any idea what's the issue?
  4. Hello, I do have admin rights, I did redownload the installer and same thing happens. Sorry, I don't really know what details I could give you... Before trying to install VIPM I installed LabVIEW 2010 FDS with Vision Development Module, VB AI and some drivers. Then I installed the 2009 SP1 RTE and installed and then tried with VIPM. Is it still possible to download a previous version of VIPM 2010 from somewhere?
  5. ====== JKI Note: Please read this article for a solution to this problem: Error 5 occurred at an unidentified location - Error Message ====== I'm trying to install VIPM 2010.0.2 on a WinXP Pro PC that only has LV2010 FDS and LV2009 SP1 runtime, each time I run the installer I get an error 5 "file already opened" from the installer and then it stops. No other VIPM version has ever been installed on that computer. How can I solve this issue?
  6. I'm back to a normal behaviour I realized that one of my home-made package still had the MGI_General package in the list of its dependencies but in fact was not using it anymore (I removed some VIs of it but forgot to update the dependencies). I have now corrected that. Is it possible that it was the root of the issue?
  7. Using VIPM Pro 3.0 (build 1280) for quite a while now, I have LV 8.2, 8.5 and 8.6 registered with OpenG packages and some home-made packages. Now, when I open VIPM and then select any package in the list, the Install and Uninstall buttons start flashing at a very high speed and I can't do anything else than killing VIPM from the task manager (actually I have to go on the process and kill the entire tree). A few things I have noticed and that might help : - if I start VIPM and close it without selecting a package in the list (the check available packages on start up option is OFF), an error file is created in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\JKI\VIPM\error, see septembre_14_2010_a.txt, - if I start VIPM and close it without selecting a package in the list (the check available packages on start up option is ON), an error file is created in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\JKI\VIPM\error, see septembre_14_2010_b.txt, - if I start VIPM, then select a package in the list and then kill VIPM from task manager, an error file is created in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\JKI\VIPM\error, see septembre_14_2010_c.txt. I also include my Settings File : Copy_of_Settings.txt. Please help :-o
  8. That looks really cool Eric! Any chance you save it back to LV 8.5? :-o Cheers!
  9. Yes, but no luck... When I do try to build, I first get this message : This is a bit odd because I didn't open LabVIEW, VIPM did, so why would these VI need to be closed? Any way I click "Continue" and then I get this message : And the OpenG Builder front panel is still opened, but the VI isn't running : One thing that might be the source of the issue is that some VIs in my plugins call VIs that belong to another LLB that "belongs" to Vision Builder AI; do you think that could be the problem? For a given version of Vision Builder AI, you have to use a specific version of LabVIEW. So I that should be OK. For Vision Builder AI, plugins have to be developed in LV 8.5. Thanks
  10. I use Vision Builder AI for building industrial vision system and over the year I have accumulated a whole lot of plugins for VBAI (developed in LabVIEW). Plugins for VBAI are LLBs if they are compiled to run on Windows but they can also be BINs if they are compiled to run on a RT target (CVS, SmartCam, EVS). It would be really could if I could use VIPM to deploy my VBAI plugins in the same sort of way I deploy my LabVIEW packages. Expected behaviour : - I select the folder in which my plugins (LLBs) are, - nothing appears in the Control Palette (currently I see a subpalette for each LLB with in it all the CTLs it contains) - In the Function Palette I see my plugins icon (currently I see a subpalette for each LLB with in it all the VIs it contains) - I set the advanced build params (I don't think I need anything more than what exist now in that part). Maybe to achieve this I just need an option by right clicking on each LLB's subpalette, something like "consider this LLB as a plugins and don't check what's in" In fact that could work for Plugins for any custom LabVIEW application, not just VBAI.
  11. Hi, The input called "float number format" is exactly what you need, in your case you - one digit of precision - you need to input "%.01f" : And in you need help about formats, you can open LabVIEW Help and search for "Format Specifier Syntax", everything is explained in details. PS : Oh, by the way, the best place to ask for help about OpenG functions is OpenG forum or maybe as well LAVA forum
  12. Well.. appart from a "project utility" I developed to facilitate my day to day use of LabVIEW project, no. In that particular case, the choice of comma was only based on keyboard convenience - I'm using 3 different types of keyboard on a regular basis (QWERTZ, QWERTY and AZERTY) - and the comma is the most "constant" key.
  13. Now that I've discovered the filter option (show only packages containing specified text) I use it a lot and one thing I miss is a tokken for "or". for instance if I type : openg,jki I would see packages containing "openg" or "jki" in their name.
  14. lol... it's been here and i've never seen it :S Good, can't wait
  15. Hi, After using VIPM Pro for a while I end up with a long list of packages and now my screen is not high enough to see all the packages without scrolling soI was trying to think of a way sort package in the main VIPM window. I first thought of a "filter" string at the top of VIPM's main window to only display package with name containing the "filter string". The second idea (my favourite) was to have a tree instead of a multicolumn listbox and to be able to organise the packages in groups (and even sub-groups, wiy not). Something like that : Anyone else has a lot of packages and think this would be nice? Any other idea to help sorting packages?
  16. Hey, that's a cool idea! Here's my feature request for it I started looking into the OpenG Builder, it seems to me that I could get things done with it, is that correct? My problem is that it's way more complicated than VIPM to use, so many features I get lost, can you point the best documentation available for it please? Cheers
  17. Hi, I have set of homemade VIs that use NI's ftp VIs (from the internet toolkit), when I build my package with VIPM it takes a really long time because each ftp VI has to be searched even though the path is correct (maybe this issue is due to the fact ftp VIs are in addons folder or in a llb, dunno..). But the main issue is that once installed in a LabVIEW palette, my VIs won't work because all the NI's ftp VIs are renamed and saved in the package, I think this causes a problem when using semaphore in the "ftp session" so NI's ftp VIs renamed in the package won't "understand" original NI's ftp VI and return an error because the couldn't obtain the semaphore. I assume the solution would be to exclude VIs located in [LabVIEW]\vi.lib\addons, I thought they would be automatically excluded but apparently not. Current work-around : I removed VIs using NI's ftp VIs from my package and copy them in my projects when I need them Anyone can help?
  18. Thanks for your help Jim! Everything's fine now
  19. I've spent the whole afternoon trying to build 2 packages with 2 VIs in each one of them... Whatever I do, after installing the packages in LV 8.6, the corresponding palettes show up in my LV function palette, but they are empty In the package builder windows I have this : And here are the destination settings : What am I missing??
  20. Hi Jim, I'm also trying to create a "meta" functions palette like the OpenG and JKI palette to put all the company re-use code in, can you help out please? Thanks
  21. Great idea! In the same range, I'd like to have a button to "JKI mass compile" the user.lib, with no "save me" dialogs of course.
  22. Happy new year too ! still glad to help you help us
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