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  1. I work on several machines that will never be connected to the internet. So I am wondering how I can transfer my packages to these computers. For OpenG Commander I could take the cache folder and put it in with a new instalation. Is it the same for VIPM or does the database folder hold the information now.
  2. Along with the new 8.2 installation I'm going to also start using VIPM. I started out by regitering all version from 7.0 to 8.2. I then installed all the packages for 7.0 with no problems. When I went to install the 7.1 packages I foud that all the packaged that open Labview to run functions gave me the following problem. I check my TCP ports in Labview but they look ok. The same problem occurs for 8.0 and 8.2 Any Ideas what I should try next? It is only on my home desktop that this happens. There were previous Alpha version of VIPM on this machine that I unistalled before I installed the new one. I am also installing VIPM on my laptop at the same time with no problems. Nevermind I fixed it. Some how my TCP/IP settings were disabled.
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