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  1. While Installing VIPM 2012 I got the below error. Error 10: Possible reason - Duplicate Path c:\users\<User Name>\LOCALS~1\temp Had anyone faced this error before and any reason for this?
  2. In one of my package, i set destination for some vi's in public documents folder. Hence VIPM created a system package (a auto dependency package) for the top level package. While installing it mass compiled only the files installed by top level package and not the files installed by system package. Do anyone face this sort of problem?
  3. After restarting labview and rebuilding the package, fixes this issue. The additional folder "_<Project Name>_internal_deps" has only dlls. And the dll is being locked in main application instance while building package.
  4. I have a package built for my source folder having dlls. After installation i do see an unexpected folder parallel to installed folder with name "_<Project Name>_internal_deps". And this folder has a copy of the dll from the source folder. Why this is so?? I am using VIPM 2012 and i guess i do not face this issue in older version of VIPM (2009). Any fix or explanation for this new unexpected folder?
  5. I have built around 250 packages. Now i have to change Display information (say author name, company name) in all the packages without rebuilding. Is there any simple way of doing this?? I have VIPM pro version. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I have some 6 classes. Among which one inherits the other and the remaining four are independent class i.e they dont have any child classes. But these independent classes have other classes objects within their data cluster. For Eg: Say i have classes 1,2,3,4,5,6. Class 6 inherits class 5. The remaining classes architecture is as below. Class 1 data cluster has class 2 object inside it. Similarly for class 2 and 3. Hence the class 1 methods have dependencies in class 2 and so on. The classes share same typedef's and some reusable vi's. Also i have some classes to be build in some other package that inherits a class from this package. Will VIPM support this? I tried building package for the entire folder but VIPM aborted the process saying Generic file I/O error. I could not find any specific reason for this. But i can mass compile that folder in LV without any errors and there is no missing dependencies when i add the whole folder to a project. My PC details: LV installed version: 2010 SP1 VIPM: 2011
  7. I have community edition of VIPM. Is it possible for me to have a repository in my PC, that VIPM recognize and indicates when new package is available? It updates only when i install the newly build package.
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