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  1. Hi Michael, I 'm running a Dutch Windows. And although I didn't believe runnning the fix as you suggested would make any difference, it worked! Thank you! So, to all the people with a European Windows encountering these problems: look a few posts back: download the fix and execute setperms2.exe! There are also files for the Mac available. Kind regards, Arnold
  2. Hello, I'm running LabVIEW 2011 student version (32 bit) under Vista 64 bit with an AMD dual core. Labview is installed on the "J:" drive, and so is the VIPM. Starting LabVIEW, the "Getting Started" window pops up. Choosing the option "Find LabVIEW Add-ons" recently, I was forced to install the VIPM. Directly after installing the VIPM, I'm able to run the VIPM just once! When I try it a second time, the splash screen pops up briefly and the program dies. I guess there are some registry values that are not properly saved. I tried reïnstalling the VIPM, and using the C-drive. But I still get the same result: only directly after installation I can run the VIPM (by choosing the option to run it from the installer). Any idea how to solve this? Kind regards,
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