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  1. rhechtatssi

    XML Toolkit Breaks my Win7 LV 2011 SP1 Build

    I was able to resolve the problem by disabling Disconnect Type Definitions. I no longer have the clear the object cache each time ... hope this helps someone else.
  2. rhechtatssi

    XML Toolkit Breaks my Win7 LV 2011 SP1 Build

    Hello, I spent a day remove code modules from my broken application and adding functionality to a working build. No luck (after removing file/display/math VIs). I mass compiled vi.lib and my application. No luck. BUT I finally found out how to successfully build the application ... consistently. What I do is before every build I clear the compiled object cache. The first build after this clear always works. If I don't (clear the cache) the resulting executable is broken ... again with no builder errors. Clearing Any ideas? I have a workaround, but this may come back to haunt me ... are there any utilities that can give me visibility into the final application build? Thanks
  3. rhechtatssi

    XML Toolkit Breaks my Win7 LV 2011 SP1 Build

    Hello, I'm using a full version of jki_lib_easyxml version 2.0-2. The project is including all of the .vis and project is very large (52M), is there something specific that would help? If I provide the built application with debugging enabled, would that be helpful (although it crashes for me). I can also provide the (most recent) mass compile logs. Rich
  4. For the last two days, I've been working through a problem wherein my project build .exe had somehow broken (the build had been working, but I made a number of changes around files/internet access/xml). I didn't see any problems running in the debugger, but when I built the application, I received a series of "The VI is not executable errors and a broken start button. I've been in discussions with National Instruments concerning possible sources and was successively localizing the offending vis (this is a pretty big application) (including their own known bug workarounds ... no luck). Bottom Line: If I build with your EasyXML (Generate and Parse), the final executable is broken. I can't perform a debug of the .exe (it crashes) and really have no visibility into the issues. If I conditionally disable the calls, then the application builds and runs. Again, no problems in the debugger. I am using LabVIEW Professional 2011 SP1 on Windows 7. Any ideas?
  5. rhechtatssi

    unnamed_cluster in xml

    Actually the problem was that I was sending an ARRAY of clusters, not the actual cluster. I wrapped the array in another cluster and the problem was solved. The naming vi made this clear. Thanks for the help.
  6. rhechtatssi

    unnamed_cluster in xml

    Hello, I reviewed the postings and didn't see one that addresses my specific problem. What happens is that when I write out my cluster, it is parented by an unnamed_cluster designation: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?> <unnamed_cluster> <Project> <Project_Name>I40Greensborobridge</Project_Name> <Project_Number_DOT>406314-3-52-01</Project_Number_DOT> <State>NC</State> <Project_Description>Bridge Widening</Project_Description> <Locations> <Structure>93811</Structure> <Description/> <Location>0.0,0.0,</Location> <Sub-Structure> <Type>Bent</Type> <Identifier>B2</Identifier> </Sub-Structure> </Locations> </Project> <Project> <Project_Name>I75OverCowPenSloughNB</Project_Name> <Project_Number_DOT>406314-3-52-01</Project_Number_DOT> <State>FL</State> <Project_Description>Bridge Widening</Project_Description> <Locations> <Structure>3285733</Structure> <Description/> <Location>0.0,0.0</Location> <Sub-Structure> <Type>Bent</Type> <Identifier>5</Identifier> </Sub-Structure> </Locations> </Project> </unnamed_cluster> How do I configure this to eliminate? I've attached the XML file I'm using that generates this problem LV 2011. Thanks.

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