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  1. Try reinstalling VIPM. If that doesn't help try upgrading VIPM to VIPM 2017
  2. As per i know system packages are sub packages. If you go to help of VIPM >>"important terminologies" it will give the description of the Sub-packages. "Sub-package: Sometimes, when building a package, it’s necessary to have some files install outside of the LabVIEW target folder. When this happens, VIPM creates a parent package that contains another sub-package inside of it that targets the system environment (these sub-packages are sometimes called System Packages). When you install this parent package, VIPM extracts the sub-package and places it beside the parent package and installs it together. So no need to worry about that.
  3. Hi, I could not recreate this issue. Can you please explain how do you get this . One more think what "Base Path" you are providing in destination Tab http://screencast.com/t/slb7Fo57 Also if possible please provide the package that you are trying to build. Thanks, Mangesh
  4. RocketHacker, What version of VIPM are you talking about? In VIPM 2012.0.1 Build 1818 Free edition applying a “Build Actions (PRE or POST)” gives following “Product Activation” dialog http://screencast.com/t/jGoxv2gsrU Here is the link to download VIPM 2012.0.1 Build 1818. Thanks, Mangesh
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