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  1. sounds good. Thank you guys, I keep experiementing. Marco
  2. Thank you Ashish and Michael; so if the clients could access the private server location and download the package manually, then they could just install it with VIPM free, right? Thanks again Marco
  3. Hi there, I am evaluating VIPM for our company but I am confused as for what kind of version. I am testing VIPM 2012. I activated a trial in one computer and I published a package in a private server. In an another computer I wasn't able to find a way to install the package from the private server until I activated the trial also there. After having also the "client" VIPM pro (trial) version, I was able to subscribe to the private repository and download the package. Can anybody confirm that to use private repositories it is necessary that both the package manager and the client have the pro version? Thank you Marco
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