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  1. Justin, Hope things are going well for you and you are enjoying the new addition to your family, would be about 2 now? No big problem with the bug. Just wanted to let you know that it was happening. The only other nuisance that I have seen is that if you select all of the OpenG addons, you will get a message about a conflict but no dialog on what the conflict is. If you select a subset then you will finally get the dialog showing and allowing you to select/deselect the appropriate libraries. Sure hope NI starts having the technical seminars again! Take care and have a Happy Holiday, Eldon
  2. When I select "FPGA IP Digital Buses, VIPM will display in the status bar "Resolving Package Dependencies". It will then proceed to sit there for an indefinite amount of time. This install is on a new Windows 7 platform with a fresh install of LabView. The same problem occurs whether the install is on 2011 or 2010 SP1. The only way to abort VIPM is to kill it with Task Manage. Then you have to reboot the PC because VIPM will not restart. By the way, CPU utilization goes to 50% on two of the four cores. Any ideas?
  3. Finally caught back up with the client. After he disabled the firewalls, the installation proceeded normally. Thanks for the help! Eldon Zacek
  4. Sorry for the delay in getting you this info. It is a client's PC that is having problems and they have been busy for the last few weeks. I am also trying to fix this over the phone. The client can not put this laptop on the network due to company policies. I have attached the screen shots you requested and tried a few other things today. Under "Tools->Options", I had him click on "Edit Port". He then clicked on "Test" and LabView launched to the "Getting Started" dialog. VIPM then proceed to wait for the time out to expire. I had him leave LabView up and click on the "Test" button" VPIM detected LabView. I had him click on the "Quit LabView" button. LabView shutdown and restarted. VPIM then proceeded to wait for the time out period. Any suggestions? I need to get this laptop functional so he can compile the code that I have supplied him. Thank you, Eldon screen_capture_1.bmp screen_capture_2.bmp
  5. Micheal, Here is the log file from the PC. The PC is running XP SP2. Thanks, Eldon Zacek June_02_2010.txt
  6. Hello, I am having problems trying to get VIPM to establish a connections with 2009 SP1. Everything appears to be setup correctly, Port #, etc.. VIPM will start Labview but it times out when trying to test the connection. This is a new installation of LV 2009 SP1 on a new laptop. Any suggestions? Thanks, Eldon Zacek
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