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  1. Right, I think I've narrowed down the problem... I make use of recursive VIs in my library. If I remove them, then VIPM can successfully build the package. Not sure, but searching the forums it looks similar to http://forums.jki.net/topic/1899-vipm-2011-recursive-vis-cannot-be-built-in-package-again/ is this still a bug/feature?
  2. Thanks Ashish, I've attached the folder containing the files + the .vipb that I'm using
  3. hi there I'm trying to package my addon using VIPM, the .lvlib has a class and then some VIs to be used from the function palate. Some of the member VIs from the class use the call library function node to interface with a dll. My problem is that VIPM seams to get stuck on "Preparing source distribution", when I look at active processes I see LabVIEW is sitting at 100% CPU load consistantly with constant memory usage. I have checked to see if there are any other external dependancies, but can not find any. LabVIEW - 2010 32bit VIPM - 2012 Any help would be appreciated
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