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  1. Just a footnote to the above. I uninstalled LabView, NI-VISA and VIPM, rolled back the computer and started again this time forgetting about all the updates to LabView and just leaving it in evaluation mode. It took me hours but didn't change the problem. I then put Labview, NI-VISA and VIPM on my Windows 7 machine and it worked without issues. Both machines are running AVG antivirus. Does this give any clues to the problem. Wiki-Errors suggests I download a registry fixer but am a little worried about doing this - 0xC000005 errors are apparently not just created by VIPM.
  2. I am having exactly the same issue - I want to install Labview Interface for Arduino. I am running Windows XP (fully updated) and Labview 2012 Student Edition. I have done (I think) all the updates to Labview, turned off my antivirus/firewall (AVG) and all I get is the splash screen followed by a very similar message to the one already posted. I have tried it with and without Labview running. Is there any other way to get this single addon into Labview? I did once get the program up but it didn't populate with the available addons before crashing. Help!
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