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  1. I've seen the exact same thing on my computer relating to packages on an internal repository. Steps to recreate: 1. Build a package locally (test_1.0.0.1.vip) - do not publish package at end of build when prompted 2. Install local package (test_1.0.0.1.vip) 3. Update and rebuild package (test_1.0.0.2.vip) - publish package at end of build when prompted 4. VIPM will now show that the package is not installed and will give the exact error Ton mentions The original package still shows up on the palettes. If I manually remove the files installed with the original package, VIPM returns the same error. "Remove this version" and "Remove all versions" are disabled and not an option. The workaround I found is to manually browse to our repository file server and open the *.vip file and install from there. The main VIPM window will update to reflect that the package is now installed. - Becky
  2. If you have several windows open including VIPM and grab the titlebar of the main VIPM window and "shake" it quickly, the other windows will minimize. If you "shake" it again, they reappear. My coworker discovered this today - although I'm still not sure why he was shaking the window in the first place! It works on my computer too - we both have VIPM 2012 Pro and Win7. Does this work for anyone else? - Becky
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