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  1. When trying to install packages using VIPM 1.1 on LV8.5 I get the following error message. All the other packages installed ok but zip files lib install stalls.... Here is report from VIPM. VI is aborted because after 10 minutes I figured it should be done. Thoughts? Main Package Name: oglib_lvzip-2.3-2 Package Name with Error: oglib_lvzip-2.3-2 Error Message: VIPM could not install the package oglib_lvzip-2.3-2 . Error Code: 1039 Error Source: Invoke Node in CA18932A5AA99F2DBCADA07844096A24->D5117BE2462832D2BF14841D320440BD->80DBEEE796D367A1F20720A7F185BBF0->08D23E9A0EB2618FD3FCE25BCDE8F285.lvlib:DBF4AEE2E95A4BEA200FF7A642ED0332->08D23E9A0EB2618FD3FCE25BCDE8F285.lvlib:7454D3E0FBCF041E4CD97C77AADCB821->3172DE97E266CD4EBFAC73CFCD5A02E2->VIPM Main Window.vi<APPEND> VI was aborted bruceb
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