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  1. Hi Jim! the problem is now solved! Thank you very much! Boris
  2. Hi Jim! Thank you for your help. This is the only file I've found in the error folder. What do you think about it? Thanks a lot. Boris juillet_23_2007.txt
  3. Hi ! I'm working on a Power Mac G4 , MAC OSX 10.4.10, with Labview 8.2.1. I'm trying to install the openG packages with VIPM 1.0. I've achieved to install a few packages, but I'm unable to install most of them. I can't install the oglib package, the ogrsc package, and picture3d. An error messages appears : Error code 10 Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem?? Kind Regards Boris error_code_10_VIPM.tiff
  4. Thank you very mych. Problem solved ! Tibobo
  5. Hi, I'm a new user of VIPM and whenever I try to install a new package. I think I've configured VIPM well but it won't install any package. It tells me "VIPM could not install the ...". You can see the errr details in the attached files. Has anyone seen something like that ? Thanks in adanve for your help. Tibobo
  6. Hi, A short message to report a little bug and the solution ! : When installing, vipm report a permission issue stopping the install process. VIPM takes for sure that your hard drive's name is "Macintosh HD", so if you changed it, vipm thinks it hasn't permissions to write on it. Solutioni : rename temporarily your hard drive into "Macintosh HD" and install VIPM. Bye Bo
  7. Hi PJM, Thanks for the tip, it works ! Thanks to the openg team ! Boris
  8. Hi, I'm switchnig to lv 8.2 and VIPM an mac os x I took a mac (g4) with noting installed. I installed LV 8.2 and vipm. I only have one LV version installed and registered in VIPM, associated with port 3363. LV is configured with VI server on, port 3363. When I try to install packages such as ogsrc_dynamicpalette and nisrc_html_help_common, I get an error about multiple LV versions, port used... I get the same error (shorter text but same content) when I use the 'test' functionality in VIPM. I'm quite embarassed, since the dynamic palette is very useful !... Any idea ? Thanks Boris
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