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  1. I had a similar problem and now am confused what the Front panel: close method does. I always thought that Closing the front panel doesn't mean stopping all the codes. It is just close the "front panel" and the program still runs until Exit case. So it does make senses to have the clean Data after the front panel close. However, it seems to me now when the front panel is closed, the loop is forced to stop and everything waiting in the queue after the front panel close case is destroyed. Is it true? Thanks, Joseph
  2. It is working now after re-installed VIPM. Thank you very much, Joseph
  3. I'm using Labview 2011 SP1. The package I'm trying to install is an internal library I wrote. The VIPM version is 2012.0.1 (build 1818). After I built the package and opened in VIPM, it used to show "Upgrade" instead of "Install". But it didn't for this package. When I clicked install button, it didn't allow me to install. (see the screenshot). I tried to open the package file by double clicking it, but the result is still the same. Thanks, Joseph
  4. I'm having exactly the same problem. Normally it should show an upgrade option, but only install is there. But it won't let me to install over the old version. Is there anything I can update the package? Thanks, Joseph
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