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Skipped Test Description

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I have an instance where I have a test that I don't want to be run when I run the whole automated test suite.


i.e. I have a test that is testing sending an email out to a user. To validate the test is running I actually have to go an look in my inbox to see that the email has arrived. This test isn't going to be run all that often, only when I am changing the code to perform the emailing. Since this test requires developer interaction to verify it has run properly, and since I don't want a ton of emails every time the test suite is executed I'll be setting the default behavoir for this test to 'skip'.


What I'm looking for out of VI Tester is the ability to provide the 'skip.vi' a text description of why the test is being skipped that will show up in the output window of VI Tester.


This way, when I come back to the test in six months, I attempt to run all the test, and I see a bunch of them being skipped I can just look at the output window of VI tester and remember, 'Yes, we skipped all of these test b.c. they require manual intervention.'



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