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Marc Blumentritt

List content of package

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I would like to see the possibility to list the content of a package inside VIPM. The users should have the option to see, what will be installed, before they actually install any package.


This could also be handy in case of a broken uninstall of a package, because with this option I could to a manual uninstall (deleting by hand).




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Hi Marc,


Yes, this would be a useful feature.


For the first release of package building, we took the approach of trying to make a system where the user does not care where VI Package contents get installed. For example, they select a folder of VIs, edit the palette, build the package, install it, and then the VIs automagically appear in the User Libraries palette.


That works great for 90% of the use cases, but I can see how some users would want more visibility into the process (and especially in cases where it's not working perfectly).





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