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Marc Blumentritt

Install package into a project folder instead of the original package destination

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I have some templates, which use many type defs of controls. These type defs are templates, too, and should be changed by the programmer during creation of his applikation (e.g. type def enum for state names of a state machine). Therefore it does not make sense to install these VIs and CTLs inside of the LabVIEW folder. I could change these to real template files (.vit and .ctt), but then the programmer has to go through a lot of save file dialogs (I have more then 20 files in one of my templates), which is quite bothersome.


Therefore it would be cool, if I could create a package of my template and install it inside a custom location I can choose during the installation process (e.g. my project folder). Even cooler would be, if VIPM also asks me, if the package files should be added to a project. VIPM should not mark a package with a custom destination as installed. Perhaps it does make sense to create a new package type for templates?




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Hi Marc,


First, thanks for all your recent posts and great feedback!


Regarding the ability to install packages into the project folder, this is use-case that is on our radar and we're thinking about how best to achieve this.


Regarding your specific use case of wanting to better way to instantiate VI and CTL templates in your projects, this is actually a separate use case and something that is also on our radar.


So, rest assured that you're right on the money and trying to do things that make sense. Hopefully, we'll have a good solution for you, in the (hopefully not too far off) future.





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