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Launch LabVIEW Focuses Wrong One

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I would put this in the bug section, but it's a bug of LabVIEW, and I would put this in the features request section except there's nothing that can be done. So my reasoning with posting this is to let JKI know of this issue in LabVIEW (that I'm sure you already do) and to see if there's any thing that can be done.


If you have two versions of LabVIEW installed and registered but non are open. Then right click the version and select Launch LabVIEW (as shown here http://forums.jkisoft.com/index.php?showtopic=108) then within VIPM switch versions to the other LabVIEW and launch it the same way. If you go to VIPM and try launching the first version again, it will bring the second version into focus.


The reasoning for this is because versions of LabVIEW talk to each other through DDE and will "remember" what version was opened last. So if you have two versions opened, and double click on the first one's exe, it will still bring focus to the second version.


So was this issue known to JKI? And is there any known workaround to get the version of LabVIEW you want to be brought into focus if it is already running? Thanks.

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Yes, this issue is known to JKI and there isn't any workaround, except to close the offending LabVIEW version. Usually, this is only a minor inconvenience, since we usually don't really need two different versions of LabVIEW open concurrently.

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