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Software Reuse Library Structure

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I was wondering if anyone would be be able to comment on the structure, in detail, of their reuse library.

Using VIPM, I am interested to know how other people structure theirs.

I would like to make sure I am going down the right track wrt structure.


I have a bunch of questions like:

  • Where do you place your packages in the LabVIEW folder hierarchy?
  • Where do you place your packages in the palette?
  • Do you separate your library, toolkits and drivers in the palette (if you make a distinction at all)?
  • Do you use VIPM to release candidate VIs in packages before officially releasing them?
  • If so, do you version them whilst using same namespace (e.g., or use different namespaces to the final release (candidates = _company_lib_name_candidate)?
  • Do you stick them in a different place in the folder and palette hierarchy?
  • Are there any caveats you have come across whilst building your library hierarchy?

In an effort to find information I found some great comments here that I have been reading. If anyone has any other information please post

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