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Error saving VIPC

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When I try to apply a VIPC, I get the following message:




If I click "OK". then I get the following message:




I have 2 questions: Most importantly, how do I fix this so I can apply the package configuration. Less importantly, why does my package configuration need to be saved? It's for a new version of a project that's in a regulated industry, and I need to justify why it changed.


I've included the errors file - as you can tell, I tried it a few times: October_11_2009.txt

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Meh - don't worry about it - I'm going up to 3.0.


I know, first hand, that VIPM 3.0 fixes some issues related to saving VIPC files. Please report back and let us know if it's working for you in 3.0.


Also, regarding the requirement to save the VIPC file before applying it, this is something that's on our radar and slated to be fixed in a future release.



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