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VI without inputs and outputs

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I've created a very simple program and I want to test it.


The program is here:



The test is here:



I read the article from http://www.viewpointusa.com/ and made the same steps they did. My problem is that I cannot connect my VI with faillf because my VI does not have any inputs or outputs...


Maybe you can help me telling what I'm doing, is wrong. I'd be grateful for advices.


Best regards,


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Hi Pete,


I'm happy to hear that you're trying out VI Tester. I'm happy to help answer your questions.


First, I'm curious why your VI has no inputs or outputs. Is this by design? Why don't you wire the Front Panel controls and indicators to the VI's connector pane, so that you can call the VI as a subVI? This will then let you call the VI using VI Tester.


Of course, there are ways that you can write/read the front panel controls/indicators (e.g. using VI Server), but this is rather complicated, and isn't what you're going for, I think.





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