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Make llb output optional

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Hi guys,


I am trying to package a set of device drivers that are LV classes. I have each of these classes in its own LLB in the package source in order to avoid name collisions.


Unfortunately VIPM tries to put everything into a single DLL before packaging. From what I remember from OpenG package builder this is not a necessity. I understand why you do it and I have no problem with that most of the times, but could you give users the option of turning this off?




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Hello Heiko,


Thanks for the great feedback. I'm sorry for the trouble.


A work-around for this is to build each .lvlib (or lvclass) into a seperate VI Package. Would that solution meet your needs?


This issue has been on our radar and is something we're eager to fix. Having the ability to preserve the source folder structure (not put everything into a single LLB) is a good possible feature that could fix this issue.


I've created a known issue, here:




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