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After adding LV2010b the list shows installed packages from 2009

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Hi guys,


I just added LV2010beta to the version list. When I clicked OK I was shown the list of packages with all packages that were installed in LV2009 as installed in LV2010. This persists after a restart of the program.


This is VIPM 3.0 (build 1280) on Win7 (64bit).




I did find an error file:




The worst part is that when I went to "delete" the 2010 packages, VIPM opened LV2009 and deleted all the packages in the 2009 repository.


So somehow it finds 2010b in the registry and can also launch it from the Port Config test dialog but the repository seems to get short circuited to the 2009 repository.


Any ideas?



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Hello Heiko,


Sorry for the trouble.


I've emailed you some info about VIPM 3.0.1, which fixes the issue with LabVIEW 2010.


We announced this in the LabVIEW 2010 beta forum, but should probably announce this more publicly through JKI's notification channels.





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