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Hi Dan,


We do use VI Tester to test UIs at JKI. For example, we have some support VIs that simulate mouse clicks on controls for pressing buttons and closing dialogs that might pop-up during the running of code.


We don't have any short-term plans for record and playback features.


I should also note that it's usually a good practice to encapsulate application logic into testable subVIs. This reduces (but does not eliminate) the need for UI testing.



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I was wondering if there any plans to implement UI testing into VI tester.


Here is a blog about a tool NI is considering


UI Testing


How do you guys test UIs?


We actually have some small utilities internally for UI Testing and have thought about integrating them better with VI Tester publicly, but we don't really address UI Testing use cases the way the tool you were looking at does right now.


Our current method for UI testing involves getting control references to UI elements we want to test and then using Windows API calls to emulate mouse clicks, etc. Its not very elegant yet, which is why we haven't tried to share it too much. At most we have enough material for a blog post at some point.

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