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Build workflow - user.lib development

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So currently I've been using a development workflow of a package that has the source code under user.lib to ensure proper linkages to other things under the LV directory.


But unfortunately VIPM blocks making a package of something that exists under the LV directory.


So if I have a package with components that will be deployed under the LV directory in multiple locations, and in development they already reside at those locations, what should I do when it comes time to build a package?


Re-locate the source w/ out letting it re-link?

Never allow development of a package or any of it's dependencies to exist under user.lib? (at least at build time)


I guess my biggest confusion is that it seems as though I need to uninstall the old package before trying to build the new one so that VIPM doesn't find any dependencies under the LV dir.


Am I misunderstanding something?

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Hey Norm,


My recommendation is to move the source code of your package out of user.lib and into a project folder (e.g. "C:\My Projects\My Package\source").


Create a folder structure like:


"C:\My Projects\My Package\source\user.lib\..\MyVI.vi"


Only put stuff into this folder that's going to be part of your package. Then open all the VIs in this folder and let them relink (stuff in your package will need to relink using relative paths instead of Symbolic Paths, now that you've moved them out from under user.lib).


Now, let's open the sources in VIPM's Package Builder.


In VIPM, set "C:\My Projects\My Package\source" as your VI Package Source Folder. Set the "Toolkit VIs" Destination to and set the Destination Type to "Directory (Preserving Hierarchy)". Then, when you build your package, everything under the "C:\My Projects\My Package\source" folder will get installed into LabVIEW in the correct locations.


In your built package, everything should be linked correctly.


Let me know if this makes sense and whether it works for you.



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