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LLB VIs losing Top Level flag

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I use an LLB that is supposed to go into the <LV>\projects folder and utilize the 'top level' flag on some of those VI to show up as Tools>>menu itmes.


But after I build and install, there are no items listed for it in the menu.

When I go to look at the LLB that was deployed to disk, the VI that was flagged as top level in the LLB is no longer top level.

If I update the LLB to have the needed VI as top level, all goes back to as it should be.


Is this expected, or a bug (feels like bug)





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In regards to the LLB issue. A workaround would be to put those VIs in a folder instead of an LLB. Then in VIPM specify an LLB as the destination. Then in your source files settings, Specify the folder of the VIs to target the LLB destination you created. Then select the VI you want to be toplevel and enable the checkbox to make it toplevel.

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