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[Bug?] VIPM Modifies VIPB file even when no changes are made

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VIPM 2010.0.1 Professional


Not a showstopper but I am find this annoying because SCC is indicating that the file has changed. I am used to a checkout-edit-checkin paradigm, as I am now working in edit-merge-commit, this behavior may have been around previously but I didn't see it due to the file being VIPB read-only?


Here is a Jing Video (anyone know a way to embed it on this forum?)



Additionally here is a diff of the files (2 changes in this example):






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This issue will be resolved in the next release of VIPM. VIPM will no longer change the file if no user changes are made.

We are also adding a few extra minor features which will give you more control of when the VIPB file is saved.

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