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[Feature Request!] Supports Icon Layers in LV 2009+

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It would be really cool if you could edit icons in the Enhanced Icon Editor and have their layering preserved, so that next time when opened the image isn't merged. This may be currently impractical due to the state of the API currently available to handle this (which is why I have this idea here). Just thought I'd put it out there... :)




Here is a Jing Video demonstrating how it currently works.


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Great idea! This would certainly be a cool feature.


In the meantime, you could store your icon with layers in the icon of a VI that you keep in your VI Package's source folder (for example, rather than creating a Photoshop or GIMP file with layers). You'd then need to copy and paste it from your VI into the (LabVIEW) icon editor in VIPM.

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