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[Bug] LabVIEW Variable Library is ignored when building a package

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Issue: When building a LabVIEW shipping example with a variable library (lvlib containing only variables), the lvlib is not included when I build and install the package to the Examples folder. I've attached example code demonstrating this behavior.


Steps to reproduce:



Create a new project

Add a library

Add a variable to the library

Save the project and library


In VIPM Package Builder

Create a new package

Point to the folder where the project and lvlib are stored

Set the destination in 'Source file settings' for these files to the Examples folder

Build the package


In VIPM main window

Install package

Open Examples folder and notice the lvlib is missing. This also occurs if you set the destination for Toolkit VIs, and I imagine other locations won't work either but I did not test for them.




Add a VI to the variable library and VIPM Package Builder will not ignore the lvlib file.






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Hi Bob,


Thanks for the detailed bug report and steps to reproduce -- it's such a help :)


Now, I think we may have already fixed this issue for an upcoming maintenance release of VIPM. I'll send you some info, off-line, so that you can try testing it out.





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