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[Bug?] Missing License File Does Not Corrupt Build

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VIPM 2010.0.2.1592 Professional


Steps to reproduce the bug (if it can be reproduced)

Create a Build Spec

Create a License File on disk

Link to the License File from the Build Spec

Save the Build Spec

Delete the License File on disk

Build the package


Expected behavior (what would happen if the bug didn't exist)

IMHO, I expect any file missing on disk but linked to the build spec, should error out and abort the build then present that information to the user.


Actual, observed behavior (the bug)

Build is successful

On install the package Licence Dialog does not show


Here is a Jing Video of the issue: http://www.screencast.com/t/OVWidaKh

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Thanks for reporting this. We should definitely be checking for missing license agreement files before the build.

I created an internal case for this: [case 10518] License agreement file should be checked (for being missing) before build.

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