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[Bug?] Toggle Selection Looses Old Settings

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VIPM 2010.0.2.1592 Professional


IMHO, Toggling any options that enable more settings should keep those settings as persistent.

The NI builder does this and whilst in some edge cases it can be annoying, the majority of the time its a good feature.




Steps to reproduce the bug (if it can be reproduced)

On the Source File Settings page, uncheck the Use Destination of Parent Folder option and select a Destination other than Toolkit VIs e.g. Examples.

Check the Use Destination of Parent Folder option

Uncheck (toggle) the Use Destination of Parent Folder option


Expected behavior (what would happen if the bug didn't exist)

Previous settings are preserved.


Actual, observed behavior (the bug)

Defaults back to Toolkit VIs (first option in ring)


Here is a Jing Video demo'ing the issue: http://www.screencast.com/t/TsLKmRsPr



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Although this is an intended behavior. I can see how it would be nice to keep the previous setting. However this is not an easy change. Which means it probably won't get implemented until the next major release.


I've added it to our To Do list [Case 10520] Keep previous settings persistent in Package building Source Files settings page.

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