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[Feature Request] Memory stick executable

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One of the pain points for us in using VIPM is that it has to be installed on the pc that has the Labview source code. I have peers who resist adopting VIPM and prefer copy-and-paste reuse for this very reason.


Having a lightweight executable that can be run from a memory stick and is able to install/uninstall packages to the target Labview directory would be a big help in overcoming their objections. I'm not looking for a full-fledged version of VIPM that stores different package versions, scans projects for packages, etc.; just a small executable that I can point to some .vip or .vipc files and have it install them to the correct locations on the target computer.

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Would such a tool need to be able to uninstall/upgrade packages on the target system?

Uninstall? Yeah, you can bet if it wasn't there someone would object. Upgrade? Meh... if the tool is smart enough to show me what packages are on the target system and forces me to uninstall them before I can install new ones, that'd be fine. As long as the tool itself doesn't require installation I'm pretty flexible.


Just so you know, I don't think this something we would use very frequently. Maybe a dozen times a year or so. (Unfortunately there are a lot of barriers to break down when trying to get people to change...)


Can I coin a name for it? How about 'VIPM On-The-Go'? :lol:

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