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[Bug?] Custom Category Palette - "If Newer" Logic Does Not Work Correctly

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Steps to reproduce the bug (if it can be reproduced)

Create Package A with a Custom Category palette and icon

Install Package A

Create Package B with the same Custom Category palette location, but change the icon

Install Package B


Expected behavior (what would happen if the bug didn't exist)

Newer Package B Category icon is shown in the LabVIEW palettes


Actual, observed behavior (the bug)

Package A Category icon is shown in the LabVIEW palettes


Here is a Jing Video demonstrating the what I am seeing: http://www.screencast.com/t/2QcthBoQAM


After installing Package B the dir.mnu file is the wrong palette which can be seen from the date...



...as Package B's dir.menu's date is newer



The Jing Video is too slow to catch this, but the process' logic says not to install the newer file as can be seen in the status update.





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