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Can't use some controls on the controls palette

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In the attached package, I have created independent .ctl files for each of my classes so I can put class controls on the controls palette. Most of them work, however the links for the Message class and the ErrorMessage class (the first two on the second row) just *ding* at me when I try to select them.


I did move around some of the source code and broke the palette links, but I went back and recreated them with the new locations. The mnu file appears to be set up correctly. Any idea why these two controls can't be used?



LD Msg Lib src.zip

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The issue is that these CTL files are broken (Note: I'd classify the "ding" as a bug, personally, since there's no good reason not to be able to drop these onto a Front Panel or Block Diagram, even if they are broken).


2-14-2011 2-38-43 PM.png



I'm not sure why this is broken -- it doesn't seem to be broken in your sources...

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Update: I was able to build a working version of your package (no "dings" :)) by opening your project, doing a Save All, and then building the package.

Thanks for looking into that Jim. It didn't even occur to me that the built code would be broken when the source wasn't. Odd.


Sometimes I think LV is starting to lose a few screws in it's old age. (That's the lie I tell myself to so I don't start thinking it's me...)

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