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Bug? 'Secondary' Dependencies not Included as Internal Dependencies

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VIPM 2010.0.2


Steps to reproduce the bug (if it can be reproduced)

Create a Package (e.g. Test Package) which links to a VI in another package (OpenG File IO), and where that VI links to another VI in a different package (OpenG Error)




Build your Package (Test Package) so that it has no external dependencies i.e. VIPM will automatically add and rename all VI dependencies to your package internally.


The VIPC file shows all dependencies. Only the File IO VI is called directly by my VI.



I do not include any dependencies. I want all calling VIs to be included as internal dependencies.



Expected behavior (what would happen if the bug didn't exist)

Test Package has no dependencies.


Actual, observed behavior (the bug)

Test Package has OpenG Error dependency.


I uninstall the OpenG Error Package, then load my VI to show the dependency exists.



Additionally, only File IO VIs are included in the _internal_deps dist folder (<vi.lib>\JGCODE\_Test Package_internal_deps).



The VI is installed in its own palette using a Custom Category for easy testing.



I have attached the Package code for testing.

Test Package.zip

Code is in LabVIEW 2009

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Thanks for the detailed bug report.


You're welcome B)



Edit: plus you will be happy to note I refrained from the [] prefixes in my thread titles ;)

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Hi Guys, congrats on VIPM 2011 - can't wait to try it. Has this bug been fixed in this version?




Sorry, this has not been fixed in VIPM 2011. We are planning an upcoming release to address a host of issues including this one.

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