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Steen Schmidt

VIPB palette editor - a couple of questions/feature requests?

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Hello again.


I have a couple of questions regarding the palette editor of the VIPB (using 2011 Community Edition of VIPM).


1) Is it possible to edit the short names of palette items?

2) I can put a sub-palette into 'Functions\Data Communication' for instance, but is there a way for me to define the exact position of my sub-palette therein?

3) How do I put my own palette or VIs into the 'Programming\Timing' palette for instance? This location (and many others) don't show up when I browse the Functions Palettes from VIPB.




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Ok, so VIPM isn't modifying the palette files, but is relying on LabVIEW to autopopulate the palettes?


I could possibly add an install (and uninstall) VI to the VIP to modify the proper palette files myself?



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