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Bug? Custom Category does not create Custom Top Level Controls Palette

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VIPM 2011.0.0 (build 1669)


I came across this when developing for Team LAVA, but you can see it in OpenG.


Steps to reproduce the bug (if it can be reproduced)

Create a package with a Custom Category.

Add a functions and a controls palette.


Expected behavior (what would happen if the bug didn't exist)

The package creates Custom Top Level Menus for both the Functions and Controls Palettes.


Actual, observed behavior (the bug)

No Custom Top Level Control Menu is created.

Therefore the default is used.


Using OpenG as an example which makes use of the Custom Category function you will see that the Functions Palette is fine:



However, the Controls Palette is not:



The Buttons package (only package that has controls) is installed and the VIPB specifies a Custom Category:



You can see the dir.mnu file (which is what the Categories folder calls its top level menu) is missing.



Which is also evident in the spec file:



A Top Level Palette is still created as the folder "OpenG" exists (no leading underscore) but the name (folder name) and icon use default data.


I have a workaround for now which is to make my own palette .ogp package (just like in the old days) and link to that.




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