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Icon Editor deletes current icon and prevents future edits of new icon

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There seems to be a bug which prevents me from editing existing icons or saving whatever edits I make.

See behavior in video



It looks like if I create the icon from scratch, it will apply it, but upon trying to re-edit what was just created it gets erased again.



I don't know if it's an issue w/ my icon editor in 2011, but there is no indication that there is an error.


2011.0.0 build 1669


Before I re-install LV, it would be best to know where an error might be happening



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Thanks for reporting the issue and the video description to demonstrate the issue.


We were able to re-create the issue and it does seem to be a bug in VI Package Builder while using LabVIEW 2011 Icon Editor.


The issues has been logged as Case 13057 and will be addressed in the next bug release.


- Ashish

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