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Jim Kring

About VI Package Manager

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Dear LabVIEW users,


If you're a LabVIEW enthusiast, then you probably already know that we, the people at JKI, are extremely passionate about the LabVIEW community, which has been of tremendous value to our organization's professional growth. We have strived to give back to the community over the years through our active involvement in OpenG, as well as various other LabVIEW community groups and efforts. JKI cares tremendously about the evolution of open source LabVIEW and specifically OpenG. Because of this, JKI is excited to announce the upcoming release of VI Package Manager.


VI Package Manager (VIPM) is a software product that provides seamless download and installation of VI Packages, including the OpenG libraries, over the Internet. VIPM is similar in capabilities to OpenG Commander, but is professional quality, with more features. VIPM will come in two versions: a community version and a enterprise version. The community version will be available to everyone at no cost (free). The enterprise version will provide additional capabilities and will be sold for a fee, along with JKI technical support. Both versions will provide access to all OpenG software libraries in addition to a having a powerful set of features for package management. Releasing VIPM Enterprise Edition as a commercial product will provide the financial engine to allow JKI to commit expert LabVIEW developer resources to the growth and support of the product.


At JKI, we are committed to promoting LabVIEW by aspiring to develop some of the best software applications written in LabVIEW, and we are excited about the possibilities VIPM will provide to open source software for LabVIEW. Thank you for the opportunity.


Best Regards,


Jim Kring

President and CEO


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