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Built packages loose connection to controls

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I have a typedef in a package (it's actually a member of the private data of a class). After the built package is installed, when I drop a VI that uses the class, LabVIEW goes off searching for the typedef control. The path it looks for the control in is:


  • .\user.lib\package.llb\API\ControlName.ctl


but it's actually here:


  • .\user.lin\package.llb\NameSpacedControlName.ctl


As you can see, both the path and name aren't as LabVIEW expects them. My guess is that classes that contain typedefls aren't updated when the typedef in namespaced.

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I could not recreate the problem. See the attached test project I created.


After building the project, I was able to drop the VI and it connected to the appropriate typedef.


FYI, I am using Windows 7, LabVIEW 2011 and VIPM 2012 environment.

Typedef in Package Test.zip

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Hm - maybe it's something else. I just installed another package I'd created and got the same issue:


VIPM Linking Issue.png


and then I get a bunch of errors with my VIs, all related to the class abandoning its member VIs:


VIPM Linking Issue 2.png


I can send the package to you directly, but I can't attach it to a public forum.

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